Houston Rep. Dan Crenshaw Aims To Build His GOP Brand Independent Of Trump

In a Republican Party caught in a perpetual crossfire between those who demand unrelenting loyalty to President Donald Trump and Never Trumpers, freshman Rep. Dan Crenshaw works in a rare space in between, where his political star is ascending independently of the push and pull from the White House.

It’s an approach that is allowing the Houston Republican to thrive politically in a way that belies his rookie status in politics.

Last month in Houston he hosted former U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley, widely considered one of the GOP’s best hopes for the White House after Trump’s tenure ends.

He’s being called on nationwide to endorse candidates for Congress and even state Legislatures, a role typically reserved for major players in national politics.

Veteran Republican strategist Ford O’Connell said there are not many people who have fans both among Trump loyalists and Never Trump Republicans, but Crenshaw is one of them. Haley and Crenshaw are two of the rare Republicans who oppose the administration without becoming targets for Trump supporters.

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