House Republicans’ Agenda A Hard Sell To Convention Delegates

House Republicans were counting on their own agenda to help put some distance between themselves and Donald Trump, but their six-plank plan, which Speaker Paul D. Ryan and fellow leaders released last month with great fanfare inside the Beltway, has landed with a thud elsewhere.

The lack of impact so far for the House Republican agenda is a challenge for Mr. Ryan and his troops, who are hoping their plans outlining an Obamacare replacement, calling for repairing the tax code and proposing limits on government regulations will give them campaign platforms.

Mr. Ryan made a pitch for the agenda in his address to the convention Tuesday, saying Republican Donald Trumpwould be more likely to sign their plans into law than would Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“The Donald doesn’t like to tether himself to the ideas of others,” said Ford O’Connell, a Republican Party strategist.

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