House Republicans Schedule Vote On Healthcare Repeal For Next Week

House Republicans plan to fulfill a campaign promise and hold a vote next week on repealing the healthcare reform law.

The incoming House majority leader, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), announced Monday that the vote will take place on Jan. 12, one week after Republicans take control of the House.

Republicans posted the two-page legislation Monday night on the website of the House Rules Committee, in keeping with their pledge to post bills at least 72 hours before they come to the floor for a vote. A procedural vote on the bill will occur Friday, Cantor’s office said.

GOP leaders pledged to “repeal and replace” the healthcare law, but the House will not vote on a separate replacement bill next week. Instead, lawmakers will consider a resolution that instructs three committees to report healthcare legislation. The resolution sets 12 goals for the bill, including lowering healthcare costs and premiums, increasing the number of insured Americans and “to provide people with pre-existing conditions access to affordable health coverage” – a key, popular element of the Democratic healthcare law. The bill, according to the resolution, must not “accelerate the insolvency of entitlement programs or increase the tax burden on Americans.”

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