Hillary Clinton Not Running Away From Wall Street

Hillary Clinton isn’t backing away from Wall Street.

As cries from within her own party grow louder for the all-but-declared 2016 Democratic presidential candidate to distance herself from high finance’s titans, Clinton is continuing to address Wall Street audiences.

This week she’ll speak at an Ameriprise Financial conference in Boston. She’s also been booked or given paid speeches at events sponsored by Fidelity, KKR and Co., the Carlyle Groups and Goldman Sachs.

Supporters of Clinton argue there’s no need for her to change her schedule.

They say her career is highlighted with support for liberals ideals, from raising the minimum wage to improving healthcare.

Republicans have signaled that they will try to tie Clinton to Wall Street if she is the Democratic Party’s nominee.

“What exactly does Hillary stand for: Main Street? Wall Street? No one knows,” mused GOP strategist Ford O'Connell. “She seems to be talking out of both sides of her mouth.”

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