Hillary Clinton 2016: ‘She’s The Biggest Target’

Hillary Clinton’s entry into the 2016 presidential race with no high-profile primary rival makes her an early target for GOP attack dogs, but also puts her in better position to fire back at knocks on her authenticity and transparency, which appear to be costing her ground in key states.

But Ford O’Connell, a GOP strategist who advised John McCain’s presidential campaign, countered Clinton’s private email scandal and the Benghazi drumbeat are causing her to see “her once insurmountable lead over the GOP field crumbling.”

He cited a Quinnipiac University poll last week that showed Clinton’s support wilting in key states, with her being in a dead heat with seven Republicans in Colorado and Iowa.

“Make no mistake about it, her decision to enter the presidential fray at this time should be seen as a sign of weakness and desperation,” O’Connell said. “Her biggest problem right now, and that’s why she decided to enter, is a trust deficit. People just don’t see her as honest and trustworthy.”

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