Hillary Clinton 2016, Above The Law

There was an eye-catching headline in the daily Hotair.com email for Friday, March 6:

"Rick Wilson has some advice for the GOP on Hillary: This isn't about you, so shut up."

Wilson, a Florida political analyst, says Republicans should "stop talking" about the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server in her home as opposed to the government system she was supposed to use as secretary of State.

But if they must: "Press the sore spots, subtly, but constantly," Wilson wrote. "Use it as a way to leverage discussion of the Clinton family's infamous contempt for the law and remind the public of their obsessive secrecy, paranoia, habitual lawbreaking. Wonder, in serious tones, how much of the email traffic has to do with the other scandal that reporters have been desperately trying to cover up; the Clinton Foundation's scuzzy foreign-money vacuum."

He has a point. Democrats had come to view Hillary Clinton's capturing their party's nomination as automatic and her ascension to the White House as all but inevitable. But in recent weeks, two stories have emerged — one about the millions contributed to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation by foreign governments presumably hoping to curry favor with the president-to-be and one about her use of private email to conduct public business when she was secretary of State — that threaten that inevitability and have even Democrats looking at other options.

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