Hilary Clinton For Joe Biden?

We discussed this possibility one year ago at The Daily Caller. Now it appears the White House, in an effort to redefine itself, could once again be toying with the notion of dumping Biden in an effort to save Obama’s presidency. Something tells us Mrs. Clinton is not too keen on this idea. Richard Benedetto discusses further:

If by early next year President Obama’s re-election chances are looking as dicey as they do now, there is likely to be a growing clamor inside Democratic circles to drop Joe Biden from the ticket and replace him with Hillary Clinton.

Clinton would add some much-needed pizazz to a tough campaign that Biden does not. More importantly, she would shore up a shaky Democratic base, a huge part of which consists of disappointed women who still believe the secretary of state should have been president and would have done a better job than Obama.

Biden, who ran for president himself in 2008, was picked for vice president largely to make up for the foreign policy experience that Obama lacked. After all, he had been chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. But Clinton, after three years of solid performance as secretary of state, more than matches that, making Biden expendable.

All this is not lost on the public. The Gallup Poll puts Clinton’s favorability with the American people at 66 percent. The last Gallup measure for Biden put him at 42 percent.




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