Hey, Rush Limbaugh: I will Support The GOP Nominee

Background Note: I have been the subject of Rush Limbaugh's past three radio shows, this is my response! 

First, a note of thanks to Rush Limbaugh. I’m a longtime listener, though not a first-time topic, and to be mentioned on his show — not oncenot twice, but on three separate occasions over the past few days — is quite an honor. It's also not exactly bad for business, given my line of work.

I'm also glad Rush referred to me as a millennial. He thinks I'm as young as I wish I still were, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

But for this to be the unalloyed positive it can be, I must set the record straight. Through a brief mention of me in a story in The Hill, the nation's most popular radio host concluded I am disloyal to Republicans, would not support the GOP ticket if Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) or Donald Trump emerged as the nominee, and advocate amnesty and greening the party.

For starters, he seems to think I wrote the article that angered him so. I did not. I was quoted in a three-paragraph section near the bottom of a story by Niall Stanage, a solid reporter.

Stanage's story made the point that Trump and Cruz were leading in polls despite having gone against the "autopsy" the party conducted after it lost the 2012 election, which suggested the party look to broaden its support by finding ways to appeal to ascendant demographic groups, such as single women, Hispanics and younger voters.

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