Herman Cain Plans Major Announcement For Saturday

The clock is ticking on the Cain train. With his back against the wall and the allegations piling up, it is likely that Herman Cain will end his 2012 presidential campaign on Saturday. Read more at FoxNews.com:

Herman Cain plans to make an announcement Saturday about his political future, as his campaign reels from new allegations about an extramarital affair.

Cain previously had said he was taking a “reassessment” of his presidential campaign in light of the allegations of the affair and additional claims of sexual harassment. He denies the claims but is heading home to Atlanta to confer with his wife, saying his family is his “No. 1 priority.”

Such comments have fueled speculation that Cain will drop out of the Republican race, but speaking Friday to supporters in South Carolina, he said only that he would make an announcement Saturday.

“Nobody is going to get me to make that prematurely,” he said. “That’s all there is to that. So tomorrow, we’re going to be opening our headquarters in northwest Georgia, where we will also clarify … exactly what the next steps are.”

Cain earlier told Fox News that while he’s spoken with his wife Gloria every day this week, he’ll be at home Friday “so we can sit down and talk face to face.”

After a woman came forward claiming a 13-year extramarital affair with Cain, the candidate has insisted his family is his No. 1 consideration as he weighs whether to scratch his campaign altogether.

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