Here are five ways the Democratic Leadership Election Is Kind Of Like The General Election

On Wednesday House Democrats will vote in another important election that could change the face of their party. Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan is challenging Nancy Pelosi to become Minority Leader. He's gaining support by appealing to the working-class and promising change in Washington. Sound familiar?

Here's five ways this race is kind of like the general election. 

1. Pelosi as Clinton

One of the most obvious similarities between the leadership race and the 2016 election is that Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are practically the same person.

They are both old school establishment Democrats who come from big money democratic states (California and New York, respectively) and have cozied up to big donors to fundraise for the party. 

Not to mention, they both know how to rock a pantsuit. 

Not to mention the GOP isn't a big fan of either one of them. 

The only thing that drives Republicans almost as batty as Hillary Clinton is Nancy Pelosi. 

—Ford O'Connell, political analyst

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