Grasping At Straws: DNC Blasts GOP Presidential Field For ‘Failing To Lead On The Issues’

President Obama hasn’t exactly done the greatest job of leading this country, both at home and abroad. This is reflected by his low job approval rating (according to Gallup, it is hovering in the low 40s). According to FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver, since 1956 no president seeking reelection has won with a Gallup job approval below 49. So rather than address his own shortcomings as president, Team Obama has decided to attack the entire Republican presidential field for not leading. This strategy is well documented in the DNC’s latest communication to Sunday television show producers (H/T Politico’s Alexander Burns).

Apparently it doesn’t seem to matter to Team Obama that none of the Republican presidential contenders actually reside at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue. So we will chalk this up as another attempt by the Obama Administration to win reelection, rather than actually trying to solve the real issues gripping Americans: jobs and the economy. Additionally Team Obama seems to believe that Mitt Romney will win the GOP nomination, so the DNC went out of its way to make sure voters were aware of Romney’s perceived shortcomings.

The Democratic National Committee is seeking to define the opening phase of the 2012 campaign as a debate over leadership, arguing in a memo that the leading GOP presidential candidates are gripped by “ideological intransigence and pandering,” and have ducked difficult issue debates.

In a document addressed to Sunday television show producers, DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse writes that the Republican candidates are “failing to lead on the issues,” pointing to the debt ceiling debate as proof.

The DNC memo comes at the end of a difficult week for President Barack Obama, who has taken harsh criticism from the left over the debt ceiling deal, while getting another reminder of the fragility of the economy in the form of a declining stock market.






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