Government Shutdown On As Trump, Democrats Clash Over Border Wall Spending

House lawmakers left Capitol Hill Friday night without passing a budget agreement, ensuring a government shutdown as President Trump dug into a standoff with Democrats to secure funding for a border wall.

The president demanded billions of dollars for his long-promised U.S.-Mexico border wall, a fight that serves as an early look into the next two years as Democrats take over the House in just two weeks. The shutdown, which was due to take effect at midnight, is only partial, meaning 75 percent of the government will remain open but 800,000 federal workers will be impacted.

“This is the first showdown of a long battle,” said GOP political operative Ford O’Connell. He said the border wall issue won’t be going away anytime soon and with Democrats in power, “it is only going to get rougher.”

“This is the first step in building the narrative that Democrats are more concerned with spiting Donald Trump than doing the people’s business,” O’Connell said. “They are going to try to rain down holy hell on him.”

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