GOP Thinks It Has Winning Message On Taxes

GOP lawmakers and strategists think they have a winning message on tax reform.

After a brutal fight over ObamaCare that included difficult votes and a painful loss on the Senate floor in July, Republicans are eager to move on to tax reform, which they argue will create jobs, simplify the tax code and put more money in people’s wallets.

Voter enthusiasm for their legislation will be important.

Republicans desperately want to enact major legislation after the failure on ObamaCare, which was hastened by the dismal poll numbers of the GOP repeal bills.

Republicans can’t afford to run into similar problems on their next top legislative goal.

The GOP thinks tax reform will be different, in part simply because tax cuts are an easier sell than the healthcare overhaul, which would have taken away benefits from millions of people.

“What they need to be saying over and over is simple: that this is a jobs bill that is going to put money back in the pockets of Americans,” said GOP strategist Ford O’Connell.

If Republicans make it clear that tax reform boosts jobs for everyone, they are “nullifying” Democrats’ arguments about wealth inequality, O’Connell said.

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