GOP Revels In Fast Start For Trump Tax Law

Republicans are receiving a spate of good news in the wake of their tax-cut bill becoming law.

A number of companies have announced bonuses, wage increases and new investments since the law’s enactment. And polls have found an uptick in support for the measure, though it still falls short of widespread approval. 

GOP lawmakers and strategists see vindication in those developments, calling it early proof that the tax law will grow more popular over time and boost the party in the midterm elections.

While the tax overhaul was making its way through Congress, Democrats attacked it as a “scam” that would raise many Americans’ taxes and largely benefit the wealthy.

But recent polls show that approval of the GOP’s plan is growing and that an increasing number of people think that their taxes are going to go down.

A SurveyMonkey poll conducted for The New York Times found that approval of the plan increased by 9 percentage points from December to January, and that the percentage of people who say they expect a tax cut grew from 33 to 41 percent. Other polls from Quinnipiac and Marist found similar trends.

History is also stacked against the GOP, as the president’s party typically loses seats in the first midterm elections after winning the White House.

GOP strategist Ford O’Connell said that Republicans need public approval of the tax bill to improve quicker if the party is going to reap the benefits in November.

Endangered members have to make the case that “substance matters more than style when it comes to Trump,” he said.

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