GOP Must Learn There Is No Single Formula To Winning Seats

To hear Barney Keller tell it, Nothing is better than Something.

Keller is a spokesman for the Club For Growth, a once-prominent conservative group that continues to pronounce on the worthiness—or lack thereof—of various candidates for public office. Recently, he weighed in on the potential candidacy of Shelley Moore Capito for U.S. Senate in West Virginia.

It's time we remember that the most important vote a senator casts is the first vote of the session—for majority leader. If conservatives care about saving the country, rather than electoral purity, they need to identify the candidates in each state with the winning formula for that state.

We have a president who wants to turn America into his personal experiment in socialism … and a national media that cheers him on. We have a House that stands strong against him … most of the time. We have a Senate now sufficiently dysfunctional to blunt the work of each.

Nothing does not beat Something. And, in West Virginia, where name-recognition is key, where a Republican who has it—she is the daughter of a former governor and just won re-election to one of the state's three congressional districts with 70 percent of the vote—is in the field, conservatives need to drop the friendly fire and go ahead and win one for a change.

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