GOP Banks On Trump-Voter Turnout Amid Fears Of Flipped Senate

Republicans are worried that a Democratic takeover of the Senate is increasingly likely, and many are hoping for high turnout of President Trump’s conservative base in key states as the party’s last, best chance to hold on to power.

Polling in several Senate races, as well as in the presidential campaign, has turned so grim for Republicans that lobbyists in Washington are “game planning” for Democratic control of both the Senate and the White House. Democrats already hold a majority in the House and are likely to gain seats there.

Although some Republican candidates have tried to distance themselves from Mr. Trump in recent days, Republican Partyconsultant Ford O’Connell said that strategy is “a fool’s errand.”

“Control of the Senate is almost directly tied to the presidential race,” Mr. O’Connell said. “If Trump wins the state, it’s very, very likely that the Republican [Senatecandidate] is going to win that state as well. If Trump wins North Carolina, Tillis wins. I don’t see a way that McSally wins Arizona without Trump winning Arizona. It’s clear that Republicans are voting for Donald Trump first and foremost.”

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