GOP State Parties In Battleground States Could Help Diminish Obama Money Advantage

Overall, the recent fundraising numbers were disappointing for the Republican presidential field. A campaign’s own war chest will matter, and Obama is likely to significantly out-raise the eventual nominee. The GOP money is not missing, it’s just sitting on the sidelines. If the party can nominate a candidate who can go the distance with Obama, that candidate will ultimately have sufficient funds to compete.

Right now, we are looking at a tight election that will be decided by a handful of states. As Obama rakes in the cash, and the GOP field works itself out, now is the time for Republican state parties in the battleground states to step forward. If these entities can raise money, register voters, and recruit solid candidates for the 2012 elections in their respective states, Team Obama may find that they have run out of electoral real estate, regardless of how much cash they have on hand.

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