Getting Beyond Obama's 'Cool' Factor

The "cool" factor could ultimately save President Obama in his re-election bid, which is a shame given that it helps the president gloss over his flawed record as our nation's commander-in-chief. The Christian Science Monitor's Linda Feldmann has more:

After all, being cool isn’t a prerequisite for the presidency, even with young voters. And certainly, Team Obama is playing up its advantage. It’s not by chance that Obama’s image mavens gave Rolling Stone magazine an interview with the president, landing him on the cover of the latest issue. 

But instead of just ignoring Obama cool, the Republicans are hanging a lantern on it, saying, in effect, We get it, and here’s why you should vote him out anyway.

That’s the essence of a new video out Thursday by American Crossroads, the big conservative “super political-action committee” that’s supporting the Romney campaign. The 45-second message is mostly a montage of cool Obama moments – appearing on Jimmy Fallon, singing Al Green, calling Kanye West an expletive. Then the music stops, and the harsh statistics appear: Half of recent college grads are either jobless or underemployed. Eighty-five percent of college grads are moving in with their parents, according to a study out last May. Student-loan debt just crossed the $1 trillion mark.

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