Get Ready For A Two-Hour Food Fight At Tonight’s GOP Debate

Attention parents: The remaining Republican presidential candidates debate in Detroit tonight, so if your cable box has a parental controls option, you might want to block access to Fox News Channel.

The last time the Republican presidential candidates gathered on stage to debate, it took less than an hour for the whole thing to devolve into an out-of-control dumpster fire of insults and attacks. That was with the somnolent Ben Carson still on the dais and before Marco Rubio started making jokes about the size of Donald Trump’s … umm … hands.

Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz were at times so anxious to attack Trump that all three of them were shouting over each other as CNN host Wolf Blitzer tried to rein them in, with little success.

Tonight, the four remaining candidates take the stage two days after Trump won a sweeping Super Tuesday victory. How ugly will it be? 

Asked if there was any reason to expect something other than a two-hour food fight tonight, Republican consultant Ford O’Connell emailed, “Nope! Cruz and Rubio are very likely to follow the same game plan again.”

O’Connell said that Trump’s opponents have all recognized that taking down The Donald is not, and has probably never been, a matter of proving that he’s an unstable policy lightweight with questionable judgment.

“They recognize that Trump's power is the vision he is selling - make America great again,” he wrote. “And if they are going to undermine that vision they have to undermine Trump.”

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