Georgia Special Election: Democrats Claim 'Victory For The Ages' Over Donald Trump But Fall Short Of Outright Win

Democrats have hailed a strong performance in a Georgia special election vote that was seen as indicative of support for Donald Trump's presidency.

Though he narrowly failed to secure an outright first round win, Democratic hopeful Jon Ossoff claimed his 48.3 per cent was a “victory for the ages” in the Atlanta congressional race.

In a field of 18 candidates, including 11 Republicans, Mr Ossoff outperformed polls in Georgia's traditionally Republican 6th Congressional District. 

But he came just short of the 50 per cent he needed to make it into Congress without a run-off, allowing Mr Trump himself to claim the result was a "big 'R' win".

And despite the President's confidence, some in his party were more cautious. Republican strategist Ford O'Connell said “Republicans shouldn't be patting themselves on the back”.

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