Gallup: The 2012 Issues By Party Affiliation And Candidate Perception

From Gallup:

Americans see the cost of healthcare, the federal budget deficit, and unemployment as the most important economic issues facing the country today, according to a new USA Today/Gallup poll asking them to rate the importance of 10 such issues. More than 80% rate each of the top three issues as extremely or very important. Americans prefer President Obama over Mitt Romney for handling healthcare, while Romney is favored on the deficit and the two are about tied on unemployment.

If the candidates decide to emphasize their perceived issue strengths with voters, Romney will be talking most about the deficit, economic growth, and improving conditions for savings and other investments. Obama will be talking about healthcare costs, college costs, and achieving greater economic fairness for poor and rich alike. However, when factoring in the priorities of political independents -- the group most likely to determine who wins in November -- the candidates may want to emphasize their ability to address the top-tier economic concerns and downplay attention to the more partisan-oriented issues of redistributing wealth and reducing government regulation, as these may detract from a winning message. Notably, unemployment and housing are highly important economic issues to Americans, but neither candidate holds an advantage on them -- making these opportunity issues for both candidates.

Importance of 10 Economic Issues, by Party ID, May 2012

Presidential Candidate Preferred for Each Economic Issue, May 2012

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