Gallup: GOPers See Gingrich, Romney As ‘Acceptable’ Nominees

From Frank Newport at Gallup:

Newt Gingrich (62%) and Mitt Romney (54%) are the only two candidates Republicans say would be acceptable presidential nominees from their party, emphasizing the degree to which the GOP race has narrowed down to these two men at this juncture. A majority of Republicans say each of the other six candidates measured would not be acceptable nominees.

As the race for the GOP nomination enters the final month before actual voting begins, Republicans nationwide appear to have narrowed their field of acceptable candidates down to two — former Speaker Gingrich and former Massachusetts Gov. Romney. More Republicans see Gingrich than see Romney as an acceptable nominee, particularly among Tea Party supporters and older Republicans — although a majority of both of these groups say Romney is also acceptable.

Next, I’d like you to think about the Republican nomination for president in the 2012 election. Please tell me if you would find -- to be an acceptable nominee for president from the Republican Party, or not. November-December 2011 results

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