Fox News Sets Tentative Campaign Deadline For Mike Huckabee?

A lucrative Fox News contract has kept former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee sensitive to developing a political operation, but he’s hardly blind to what’s springing up on his behalf. Edward J. Rollins, who joined Huckabee’s team as national chairman in mid-December of 2007 — just weeks before Huckabee solidly won the 2008 Iowa caucuses — has been charged with setting up shop.

Republican operatives familiar with the deliberations at Fox News say that the network has told Huckabee he has until the end of the month to make up his mind about the race or he’ll be cut off, just as Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum were when the then-contributors were still in the consideration phase.

David Beasley, a former governor of South Carolina who would chair Huckabee’s efforts in the Palmetto State, said he has spoken directly with Huckabee several times in the past month, and had a serious discussion with him several days ago.

Beasley said, “I think the landscape is conducive for a Mike Huckabee entrance. Right now, we’re putting together the team and putting the word out that Mike Huckabee is seriously considering this race.”

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Update: Fox News denies setting a deadline for Mike Huckabee to make a decision.

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