Ford O'Connell To Newsmax TV: SCOTUS Appointment Top Election Issue

The fight over filling the Supreme Court vacancy will become "the top issue of the 2020 election," according to GOP strategist and lawyer Ford O'Connell on Newsmax TV.

O'Connell said it is important to have nine justices on the bench because the "Democrats have already said they're going to challenge the election results if Donald Trump wins."

He said if there is a challenge on election results that winds up at the Supreme Court for a decision, "you need to have nine justices on there."

He ripped Democrats who are threatening to pack the courts and even impeach Trump for selecting a justice ahead of the election.

"They never accepted the 2016 election results," he said of the Democrats, adding they are "resorting to extortion" to change the rules.

Watch the video and read more from Marisa Herman at Newsmax

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