Ford O'Connell At Politico's Arena: Iowa, A Win, Loss Or Draw For Romney?

Last night was a good night for Mitt Romney because he met expectations heading into New Hampshire. On the other hand, last night was a GREAT night for Rick Santorum, who came within eight votes of pulling off one of the greatest political comebacks in recent memory, and jumped into the top tier of Republican presidential candidates.

Can Santorum keep the anti-Romney voting bloc consolidated behind his bid, and can he cobble the campaign resources together necessary for a long protracted primary fight with Mitt Romney? Time will only tell, but the odds are against Santorum.

That said, Team Romney is not going to wait around to find out if Santorum can harness his newfound momentum. Romney’s campaign rightfully knows that a strong showing in New Hampshire is key to maintaining his front-runner status heading into South Carolina, which is relatively uncharted territory for Romney, even with Gov. Nikki Haley’s endorsement.

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