Ford O’Connell On Haley Barbour’s 2012 Presidential Chances At Politico’s Arena

Ford O’Connell’s response to ‘Will Barbour win over Iowa?’ – The Arena | POLITICO.COM

Contrary to the box into which the mainstream media wants to squeeze him, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour is a top-flight Republican presidential contender. Team Obama worries about a potential Barbour campaign because they know he has the chops to match their own strengths in fundraising and organizing. A master strategist, as evidenced by his time as chairman of both the RNC and RGA, Barbour’s main obstacles include his history as a lobbyist, his name recognition outside of the South, and the general electorate’s phobia of the Deep South (as amplified by the media).

Having spent time around Barbour, I have learned that betting against him is an unwise venture because he always manages to come out ahead (e.g., Hurricane Katrina and BP oil spill). If Barbour can stay alive through Iowa and New Hampshire, he could go the distance — remember the newly minted GOP governors in several key primary states, including Iowa, South Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona, are indebted to Barbour.

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