Ford O’Connell At San Francisco Chronicle On Obama’s Reelection Bid And Mike Huckabee

“Obama is certainly beatable. It’s just that the eventual GOP presidential nominee has to move with James Bond-like precision in the battleground states of Florida, Ohio, Virginia and Nevada,” said Ford O’Connell, chairman of the Conservative Civic Forum PAC, whose chief goal is to remove the current occupant of the White House.

O’Connell puts Obama’s chance of re-election as high as 65 percent, in part because big states like California are in his pocket.

“Are you really going to tell me that Californians are going to vote for Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney or Haley Barbour over Barack Obama?” he said.


Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has some of the Southern charm of former President Bill Clinton, Thurber said, and he’s a favorite of O’Connell, who thinks Huckabee monopolizes “the intersection of media, faith and politics,” in part thanks to Fox News.

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