Ford O’Connell At Politico’s Arena On Why Boehner Is Right And Obama Is Wrong On D.C. School Vouchers

Whatever the legitimate concerns about voucher programs, the argument that these programs will destroy urban public education systems is laughable on its face. The failure point has already been reached, and that dubious accomplishment can be laid at the feet of decades of priorities that talk a lot about putting children first but have had little to show by way of results. Putting the blame on vouchers is akin to complaining about water damage to the fire fighters who are trying to keep your house from burning down (after you lit it on fire yourself).

Unfortunately, D.C. ranks at or near the bottom in most facets of public education. The road out of poverty and crime runs by the schoolhouse. Individuals cannot plausibly compete in an open global economy without a solid education. In many respects, our nation’s best national security strategy is to improve the effectiveness of our educational system. On the subject of vouchers for students in D.C., Speaker Boehner is at the head of the class and President Obama is just playing electoral politics.

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