Ford O’Connell At Politico’s Arena On Mitch Daniels’ 2012 Presidential Chances

While his comments concerning a “truce” on social issues will certainly not endear him to the socially conservative Iowa crowd, Mitch Daniels is without question a top-flight 2012 GOP contender, thanks to his fiscally conservative record as Indiana’s governor.

Additionally, Daniels is seen by many as a respected policy whiz, something the GOP is sorely lacking as its 2012 presidential field slowly takes shape.

Daniels is not considered a strong organizer, nor is he well-known outside of the Beltway or the Hoosier State. Should Daniels win the Republican nomination, his ties to Bush 43 could be a target for Team Obama who would welcome any excuse to replay their anti-Bush messaging from the 2008 election.

If he does enter the 2012 GOP presidential scrum, the key for Daniels will be to develop a consistent message that energizes Republicans outside of the Beltway as he works to boost his name recognition in the early primary states. If he doesn’t, a Daniels campaign may not get any further than the Palmetto State.

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