Ford O’Connell At Politico’s Arena: A Giuliani Presidential Bid Could Upset Mitt Romney’s Apparent Lock On New Hampshire

In the television era, few Republican candidates have captured the GOP presidential nomination without having previously run for the nomination. Experience seems to translate into greater success on the right, and it would not be terribly difficult for former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to significantly improve on his 2008 self-inflicted disappearing act.

Recent CNN polling indicates that Rudy Giuliani sits atop the 2012 GOP presidential field.

Given the discontent among a broad swath of Republicans for Romney and his less than fiscally conservative positions, many GOP presidential contenders would love to see a candidate, like Giuliani, break Romney’s apparent stranglehold on the Granite State. If this were to occur, a handful of GOP presidential contenders would be presented with a clearer path to the nomination.

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