Ford O’Connell At E! On Donald Trump’s 2012 Presidential Exit

Many believe that Trump’s presidential utterings were just a bunch of hot air from the get go, a bid for ratings or publicity or whatever feeds Trump’s Manhattan-sized ego. (The man’s biggest talent is saying stuff, after all.)

But I’m told that wasn’t the main force behind Trump’s pull-out. Neither was his slip in the polls; the roasting he got at the most recent White House Correspondents Dinner (The Donald was not amused); or even a stinging diss by the head of the Republican National Committee.

No, insiders tell me none of that mattered as the insider wheeler-dealing that went down over the past several days.

“He talked to some very high level pollsters and campaign managers about potentially working with him, and they turned him down,” says Republican strategist Ford O’Connell.

Those people “weren’t convinced that he was really in” the race, O’Connell explains. “They weren’t sure how serious he could be about taking cues from campaign managers, staying on message.”

One other factor: Trump really, apparently, liked being a reality TV star more than a civil servant.

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