Ford O’Connell At CNN: Pawlenty’s Disappointing Second Quarter Fundraising Numbers

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty raised just over $4 million between April and June, his campaign announced Friday, a figure that experts call disappointing for the GOP presidential candidate.

“He obviously wanted to do a lot better,” Republican consultant Ford O’Connell said. O’Connell, who worked on the McCain-Palin 2008 ticket, is not affiliated with any campaign this cycle. “His name ID is not in a good place. A key to a successful run for the GOP nomination is to do well in Iowa.”

In fact Pawlenty, who has been working to build support for well over a year, is planning on spending a lot of time in the Hawkeye state and has said he needs to do well there. He is planning on competing in the Ames straw poll in August and has even started advertising in the state – all of which takes resources.

But this fundraising number for the key second quarter of fundraising is expected to cause more scrutiny of his campaign’s strength.

“It raises more questions about his validity to stay in the long haul and win out. If he can prove himself to be a more viable candidate then he can get more money,” said O’Connell.

Of the $4 million Pawlenty brought in, some of it is set aside for a general election campaign, if he makes it that far.

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