Florida Is The Tipping Point For The GOP In 2012

If the eventual GOP presidential nominee is to defeat President Obama at the ballot box in 2012, the road to the White House goes through Florida.  The Sunshine State understands its strategic importance to the Republican Party, and has begun to prepare for 2012:

Election seasons are always unpredictable in Florida, but 2012 is shaping up to be downright crazy.

Consider that state legislative candidates already are opening up fundraising accounts unsure what their districts will look like by the summer of 2012.

Or that the Legislature will kick off its 2012 session in January, two months early, and just as Republican presidential candidates are poised to descend on the Sunshine State for what the national GOP considers to be a rogue primary.

And come August 2012, Republican activists in Florida may be juggling a crowded, high-profile U.S. Senate primary and an even higher-profile Republican National Convention in Tampa.

“No question it’s going to be an exciting time in Florida,” said Florida Republican Party chairman David Bitner, who himself is juggling shifting scenarios ranging from the presidential primary date to how and when new political districts will be drawn.

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