Five Things To Watch In Tonight’s Republican Tilt

Republican candidates for the White House will face off for the third time in a debate broadcast by CNBC on Wednesday night.

The battle hosted in the Coors Events Center at the University of Colorado Boulder will focus on the economy.

Here’s a look at five things to watch:

2. Will Carson get specific?

GOP strategists say Carson may need to offer more policy specifics, given his recent struggle to explain issues such as raising the debt limit.

His soft-spoken and conversational approach has been a hit with voters — his favorability ratings are through the roof.

But Carson needs to answer a key question, says GOP strategist Ford O’Connell: “Can they see him in the Oval Office?”

“Just being likable is not enough. He’s now going to have to be credible,” agreed Matt Mackowiak, another strategist.

Solidifying his support in areas outside Iowa will require that Carson sell himself as a substantial presidential candidate with a mind for economic policies.

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