Five things Hillary Clinton Could Learn From Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton took a leaf out of Donald Trump’s book on Thursday, assailing the presumptive GOP nominee in unusually sharp and personal terms in a speech in San Diego.

It was an attack that thrilled Democrats, in part because it gave them some respite from doubts that had been growing about Clinton’s campaigning style.

The former secretary of State is temperamentally the opposite of Trump, and experts counsel that she should not try to ape the Manhattan businessman too closely, no matter how heated their expected general election battle becomes.  

But others argue that there are some elements of Trump’s approach that the Democratic front-runner could adapt for her own purposes.

Here are five lessons Clinton could stand to learn from Trump.

Seize the initiative 

Several experts who spoke to The Hill for this story noted that Clinton’s speech skewering Trump last week dominated the news — and that it was rare for the Democratic front-runner to do this with a story of her own making.

Compare that to Trump, whose entire campaign has revolved around his capacity to drive the news cycle. Democrats and Republicans alike suggested Clinton would help herself if she shifted from being reactive to the news to setting the agenda herself.

Republican strategist Ford O’Connell even drew attention to the contrasting ways in which Trump and Clinton used social media, particularly Twitter.

“He’s trying to generate headlines, and she is saying, ‘Oh, great speech with so-and-so.’ She can’t let him get too far ahead on that point.”

More broadly, O’Connell added, “basically she is chasing the news but he is generating the news. If you’re generating the news, you can drive the coverage. He can wag the media dog. She can’t.”

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