Experts: Donald Trump Should Take Timeout On Topic

Football fans’ boos and the calls for an NFL boycott bolstered President Trump’s base after he slammed athletes refusing to stand for the national anthem, but he needs to leave the field in order to get the win, political strategists said.

More than 150 players from nearly every NFL team knelt during the national anthem yesterday — including 16 New England Patriots — with more like Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and all the Houston Texans locking arms with each other in solidarity, in protest of Trump’s comments Friday calling for players who do not stand for the anthem to be fired. Most NFL owners also said they supported the players, with some joining them on the field and locking arms.

Some fans greeted the display with applause, while others booed and called for the players to “stand up!” On Twitter, some tweeted with the hashtag #TakeAKnee while others posted videos of themselves burning football apparel.

GOP strategist Ford O’Connell said, “This is more of a political issue for Trump as he battles Republicans and Democrats in Congress. He’s had bumps along the way and wants to pass his signature items, so you have to keep your people with you. I’m sure that eventually both (Trump and the NFL) would like to move away from the issue, but right now it’s firing up voters.”

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