Elizabeth Warren Touts Democrats' House And Senate Chances

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren rallied the crowd at a town hall in Roxbury yesterday, pushing the need for Democrats to gain control over the House and the Senate in the upcoming November midterm elections, but her GOP rival Geoff Diehl and polls suggest the longed-for Blue Wave is over — Warren’s party overplayed its hand in the Kavanaugh confirmation fight.

GOP political operative Ford O’Connell said Democrats took a hit after from the “Kavanaugh effect.”

“Absolutely it backfired on the Democrats because it woke up Republican voters,” said O’Connell. He said prior to the Kavanaugh hearing, there was a much-touted “Blue Wave” which has now receded.

O’Connell said Democrats are “all but locked out” of the Senate, though the House is up for grabs and could fall into Democratic hands.

In the House, Republicans are projected to take 201 seats while Democrats will land 205 seats. The remaining 29 seats are a toss-up according to the polls, with 218 seats needed to maintain a majority.

In the Senate — now split 51-49 in the GOP’s favor — the Democrats are projected to hold just 44 seats, while the GOP is secure in 50 seats, with six seats mostly leaning Republican, raising the prospect of a larger GOP majority there.

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