Elizabeth Warren Should Concern Donald Trump 'Bigly'

Move over Joe Biden; there is a new sheriff in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary — and her name is Elizabeth Warren.

Prior to Warren’s rise in the polls, President Donald Trump and his campaign team wisely focused their attention almost exclusively on Biden. The former vice president has not only consistently led Trump handily in just about every general election national poll, but Biden has also been leading Trump among the all-important persuadable independent voter as well as in many key swing states, including Wisconsin.

According to online gambling site Bovada, Warren’s odds to win the 2020 Democratic nomination hit “minus money” for the first time on October 7. When you consider Warren’s middling standing just a few months ago, that’s a heck of a surge to the front of the pack.

With a little less than four months until Iowa, there is still a lot of game left to be played. Even though Biden is slowly slipping in the polls and the rest of the Democratic field is fading away, Warren still has some glaring obstacles to overcome.

Chief among them are Bernie Sanders and the African-American Democratic primary voter.

But let’s fast-forward and say Warren does indeed become the Democratic nominee, which is the most likely scenario at this stage. Conventional wisdom suggests Warren would be an easier out for Trump than other 2020 participants. I don’t necessarily buy that. I see her as a sleeping juggernaut.

So how does Trump secure reelection against Warren? With an aggressive education and persuasion campaign targeting Warren’s credibility and her outrageous policy prescriptions.

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