Elizabeth Warren DNA Test Reveals 2020 Will Be A Mud-Slinging Contest

The political world was jolted from the 2018 midterm elections to 2020 after Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren rolled out a campaign-style advertisement declaring her Native American heritage.

The ad was meant to be a rebuke to President Donald Trump regularly derides the blonde, blue-eyed senator as "Pocahontas" and offered to personally donate $1 million to Warren's favorite charity if she took a DNA test proving her Native American heritage. Warren's origin story includes the claim that her mother was part Cherokee and part Delaware.

Rather than definitively answering questions about Warren's ancestry, it virtually confirmed her intent to run for president in 2020 and made clear that she wants to brawl politically with President Trump.

Not to be outdone, Trump was back on the insult bandwagon Tuesday morning, tweeting, "Pocahontas (the bad version), sometimes referred to as Elizabeth Warren, is getting slammed. She took a bogus DNA test and it showed that she may be 1/1024, far less than the average American. Now Cherokee Nation denies her, 'DNA test is useless.' Even they don’t want her. Phony!"

However, Trump has repeatedly demonstrated that he thrives in a combative environment. Republican strategist Ford O'Connell, Democrats will be giving Trump a gift if they decide to fight him on the basis of insults. "There is nothing that President Trump loves more than trying to litigate his insults," he said. "When you're trying to push back on him in these fights he is going to win."

Part of Trump's success in the Republican primaries was systematically branding his opponents with demeaning and memorable nicknames, from "Lying Ted" Cruz, to "Low-energy Jeb" Bush, and "Little Marco" Rubio. He has already branded the top 2020 Democratic contenders "Sleepy Joe" Biden and "Crazy Bernie" Sanders .

"It may be jarring at first, it may turn a few people off, but it's pretty much worked out for him because he's looking to his strength," O'Connell continued. "And nobody in the Democratic Party has any idea how to fight when they get down in the mud with him."

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