Elizabeth Warren Backs Hillary Clinton In Push To Unite Party

The progressive darling’s presence onstage and her loud statements of support for Clinton are seen as a key strategy to win over disgruntled Sanders voters still smarting after the heated Democratic primary.

Warren offered a rousing endorsement of Clinton’s presidential bid yesterday at a campaign event in Cincinnati. The two most influential women in the Democratic Party posed for a made-for-television moment, clasping hands and holding them overhead like boxing champs.

While the endorsement will go a long way with voters who may feel slighted with Sanders’ failed bid as an outsider candidate, Democratic strategists were hesitant to crown Warren as Clinton’s sure-fire pick for vice president. The Massachusetts senator is being vetted by lawyers involved in Clinton’s vice presidential search, and they’ve asked her for documents and to complete a questionnaire.

GOP political operatives see the endorsement as a test run to gauge how a Warren/Clinton ticket moves polling numbers.

“There are a lot of liberals and some left-leaning independents who see Hillary Clinton as a self-dealing con artist,” said Ford O’Connell, a Republican strategist. “So she took someone with a pristine reputation with those people, and she’s testing it to see how it plays. This is a tryout period.”

Warren is also seeing how this maneuver plays, according to O’Connell. She has diehard fans who embrace her as an anti-establishment candidate and may be unnerved by her close affiliation with the former secretary of state.

“She is going to wait and see whether she gets bark back from some of her supporters,” he said. “If Sanders supporters become more comfortable with a Hillary Clinton president, it could work.”

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