Donald Trump Visits Louisiana's Beleaguered Bayou

Donald Trump’s visit to flood-battered Baton Rouge, La., yesterday is a sign his bid for the Oval Office is heading in the right direction — especially after top Democrats were slow to respond to the disaster that has left tens of thousands flooded out of their homes, political watchers said.

“He’s clicking on all cylinders, even though he dug himself a deep hole,” Republican strategist Ford O’Connell told the Herald. “He keeps this up for a couple more months and the polls are going to be real close.”

O’Connell said the contrition and swing through the deep South was a calculated play for a campaign that is struggling to connect with black voters and suburban white voters.

“He’s trying to make a play for compassion and African-American voters,” O’Connell said, “and more importantly he’s trying to make sure suburban white voters say, ‘Look, you maybe misstated things, and I don’t like your temperament, but your heart is in the right place.’ ”

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