Donald Trump Tries To Appear Presidential With Firing Of Aide

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s firing of a campaign aide over racist Facebook posts was received by GOP pundits as an attempt to show himself as presidential and capable of making expeditious judgments in the face of controversy.

“He’s trying to show himself to be a statesman and strong leader,” said GOP operative Ford O’Connell, who advised John McCain’s presidential campaign. “And one way to do that is, when you’re presented with a problem, make a swift, quick decision.”

Trump’s campaign said yesterday that longtime aide Sam Nunberg was fired after racially charged Facebook posts made years ago surfaced. The website Business Insider reported the posts Friday.

They included a racist slur to describe the Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter and references to President Obama as a “Socialist Marxist Islamo Fascist Nazi Appeaser” and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee as “Huckahick.” Nunberg told the website he was shocked and didn’t recall writing the messages.

Nunberg has spent years working for Trump’s organization and has been fired before, in 2014 when Buzzfeed published an unflattering profile of Trump.

The dumping comes as other GOP candidates privately strategize on how best to attack Trump during Thursday’s national prime-time debate on Fox News.

O’Connell said people who are enamored with Trump feel that way “not because of his issues or who he surrounds himself with, but with what he represents, which is anti-Washington, anti-political and willing to speak his mind.”

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