Donald Trump Tirades May Be The Final Straw

Tiring of the endless drama of the Trump era, anticipating the House going to the Democrats in next year’s midterms, and weary of the three-ring circus Congress has become, it’s small wonder that House Speaker Paul Ryan is ready to go.

House staff members and others familiar with Ryan’s thinking confirmed to the Herald reports he is privately considering hanging up his gavel after the midterms — or possibly even earlier, to avoid the headache of another re-election bid for himself.

On the record, Ryan denied to reporters that he’s headed for the exit.

In some ways, Ryan’s situation is similar to the one that caused Boehner to walk away — warring factions from within his party that made even repealing Obamacare impossible.

“The rest of the country does understand that it is hard as heck to herd 435 cats,” said GOP strategist Ford O’Connell. “Frankly there is no position, other than president of the United States, that is going the be harder than the position he has right now.”

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