Donald Trump Supporters In Maryland Lambaste ‘Rigged’ System

Donald Trump’s supporters converged Wednesday on this small town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore for a massive rally, more confident than ever that he was closing in on the nomination and threatening retribution against Republican Party leaders if they stop him.

Many of the thousands of Trump voters at the rally, some of whom drove hours from Baltimore or Philadelphia, said they agreed with Mr. Trump that the Republican Party “rigged” the primaries against him and that the popular vote should rule the nomination process.

Republican campaign strategist Ford O’Connell said Mr. Trump struck “political gold” when he rebounded from a demoralizing loss in the Wisconsin primary April 5 by adopting the narrative that the party system was rigged.

“It fired up his supporters, made Cruz look like a tool and redirected the conversation toward the system,” he said. “Every time we are talking about the system and the process, and Trump not winging it, then Trump is winning.”

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