Donald Trump Slams ‘Deplorables’ Comment, Projects Endurance As Health Woes Sideline Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump struck back Monday against Hillary Clinton’s “demonizing” of his supporters, saying the Democratic presidential nominee revealed her true colors when she described his backers as “deplorables” and showed just how out of touch she is with millions of ordinary Americans.

In a new television ad and on the campaign trail, Mr. Trump said Mrs. Clinton’s attack — as well as her response to the blowback — is unbefitting the presidency and “disqualifies her from public service.”

With Mrs. Clinton sidelined by health issues, Mr. Trump is projecting an image of endurance — stacking up campaign events, vowing to release results from a recent physical and delivering an aggressive defense of his supporters. His campaign also announced that a CIA director under former President Bill Clinton is joining his camp as a senior adviser.

Compared to Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump has held twice as many public events this month, according to a running tally from Democracy in Action, including campaign stops Monday in Baltimore and North Carolina.

Ford O’Connell, a GOP strategist, said Mr. Trump, who has at least a half-dozen more events penciled in this week, is trying to make the most of Mrs. Clinton’s absence from the campaign trail.

“He is trying to subliminally make the case that he has the stamina to be commander in chief, and she doesn’t,” Mr. O’Connell said. “They are going to go about their business and make Trump as visual as possible to show that he is the person best fit to [be] president, at least from a physical standpoint.”

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