Donald Trump Is Succeeding Where Hillary Clinton Failed—In Uniting Democrats

It’s been a good year for Democrats, and they have one man to thank for their success: President Donald J. Trump.

Even as activists fight over the direction of the party and relitigate the 2016 election, the left is riding high on its first Senate win in ruby-red Alabama in a quarter-century as well as two gubernatorial victories in New Jersey and Virginia. Democrats say single-digit losses in Republican strongholds like Georgia and Kansas also bode well for the strength of their party as it heads into next year's midterm elections.

“Democrats would be making a mistake to think that they’re all set because they won in Alabama,” said Ford O’Connell, a Republican strategist and George Washington University professor who worked on the McCain-Palin 2008 presidential campaign. “This was an absurd election, against an alleged child molester.”

Yes, the Republican Party is fractured, he said, but Democrats are also reconciling between the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton camps. “Both sides are having trouble finding good candidates,” O'Connell said.

Even Republicans found a silver lining in the Moore loss. “The Democrats would have used his views to wrap a noose around Republicans’ necks,” O'Connell said. The Senate looks good for Republicans in 2018, but only if they can avoid running candidates like Moore. “The only question is if Republicans can actually stop their own dumbness,” he said.

Democrats will have to defend 25 Senate seats next year, including 10 in states that Trump won in 2016. In order to take control, they'll need to flip at least two of the eight Republican-held seats up for election.

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