Donald Trump Backtracks, Will Only Run As A Republican In 2012

Donald Trump is now on record as saying that if he does run for President, he will run as a Republican. Recently, Trump floated the possibility that he might run as an Independent, but after pointing out to him that an Independent run would split the Republican vote as  it did in the 1992 and guarantee Obama a second term in office, Trump quickly changed his tune an acknowledged this possibility.  Trump said that he is ‘doubtful’ he would run as an Independent because he understands it would take votes away from Republicans, and that it would “absolutely cause a loss for the Republicans- it would be an Obama dream.” Trump reiterated that it is ” highly unlikely that I would do it”, that being a presidential run as an Independent.

Last week, CivicForumPAC noted at The Daily Caller that if “The Donald” ran as an independent his presence in the presidential race would essentially guarantee an Obama victory in 2012.

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