Don't buy Into The Hype That Joe Biden Is Necessarily The Most Electable Democrat

Former Vice President Joe Biden is pitching his campaign for president on a single, resounding message: beating President Donald Trump, and restoring the kind of stability Americans experienced under the Obama administration.

But in recent weeks, Biden's team has doubled down and explicitly appealed to electability, framing Biden as the sole candidate who can feasibly beat Trump, as Biden's wife former Second Lady Jill Biden did at a recent event.

Throughout his missteps, however, Biden has not only remained the frontrunner but has stayed steady or improved his performance in Democratic primary polls — especially among voters who prize electability.

"Joe Biden isn't the frontrunner because he's first in the polls, it's because of who he's polling well with," Ford O'Connell, a veteran GOP campaign strategist and adjunct professor at George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management, previously told Insider.

"Biden has the majority of support with African Americans, particularly African-American women and seniors. The reason why that matters is because those two groups traditionally turn out the most in Democratic primaries," he added.

Older voters in particular, who turn out to vote at higher rates than younger ones, prioritize defeating Trump most of all.

"What is it going to take for Joe Biden to lose the nomination? It's very simple. Either the Democratic electorate has to believe that he can't go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump or someone else has to prove that they can. Until that happens, he's going to be the nominee," O'Connell told Insider.

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