Different Debate Tactics Reflect Changes In Campaign Landscape

It started off as a foreign policy debate, but domestic issues soon took center stage at the third and final presidential debate Monday, an event that showcased fewer fireworks and much tamer exchanges between President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney, who are running virtually neck-and-neck in the campaign's final two weeks.

Romney and Obama, who went after each other aggressively in their showdown last week, took very different approaches Monday and it said much about how each views the race.

Unlike the earlier debates, Monday's produced no clear winner, allowing both sides to claim victory.

"Romney's primary job was to make Americans comfortable with the idea of Romney as commander-in-chief," Republican strategist Ford O'Connell told The Washington Examiner. "On that front, mission accomplished. Romney looked and sounded presidential. Obama came out swinging and Romney deflected well."

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