Despite Clinton's Endorsement, Obama’s Problems Remain

When news broke early in the week that the Democratic platform did not include God or continue to insist Jerusalem be considered the capital of Israel, the party sought to fix this with amendments to be approved during low-intensity moments of the convention before the TV cameras tuned in.

It is highly unlikely we've heard the last of this. But commentators did agree on one thing: Clinton's speech meant President Obama would have a tough act to follow on the convention's final night. Will Clinton's speech "trickle up" tonight? Perhaps. But even if it does, the bounce won't last.

Because nothing that has happened in Charlotte—not Michelle Obama's speech, not Bill Clinton's, certainly not the speeches of Sandra Fluke and Elizabeth Warren, and absolutely not the Jerusalem/God controversy—has done a thing to address the president's central weakness: the ability to appeal to white working-class voters.

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